JUST $3.33

Any garment dry cleaned and pressed for one low price.

Look like a million bucks, for just a few bucks. $3.33 for any garment, with same day service available at select Moose Cleaners locations.


Comforters & Tableclothes 

We do comforters! Any size, just $19.99. We can also clean tablecloths for only $9.99.

Laundry & Press

We also launder garments. Dress shirts are $2.29 a piece. All other articles, including jeans, lab coats, and military uniforms are just $3.79. Did you clean something at home but don’t want to press it? We can do that, too! All press only services are just $1.99.

Spot Cleaning

While we can’t make any promises, Moose Cleaners will try our darndest to remove any spot stains we encounter. This is included free of charge with dry cleaning or laundering. 

We Currently Don’t Do Alterations 

Although we have in the past, Moose Cleaners does not currently have an alterations specialist on staff. This is a service we may reintroduce in the future! 


Get Clean

Moose Cleaners has added a newly developed, German made cleaning system called SYSTEMK4. This biodegradable, non-toxic approach delivers extraordinary quality without the harsh chemicals sometimes associated with dry cleaning. The process is even more energy efficient! 

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